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#my double life as a stylist
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My career and passion for most of my life has been working as a stylist, costumer and designer. I’ve worked on various projects with various artists throughout the years. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and meet some incredibly creative and talented people along the way.

This double life of having my own creative space called Beachology, has given me so much joy and expression of who I am and what I love…

Being a stylist; shopping, merchandising and living in the world of the “visual”, has also given me the best tools to open up Beachology and the happynest collection.

The store is my model and muse…it’s a reflection of the things I love and support and I’m constantly styling, re-inventing and in search of the latest and greatest finds and gifts.

I’m bringing back the art of gift giving. Something thoughtful or something stylish…